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Why Learn Digital Marketing

Why Learn Digital Marketing? Hmm. The main reasons to learn digital marketing is that we are living in a digital era where technology is rapidly growing. Companies are growing faster and faster. In the digital era, business is going online. The physical way of the job is now changing. For running an online business, digital marketing is everybody need.


By 2021 Digital Marketing is set to increase by 120billion$.


By following the statistics, there are 4.57billion people on the internet. Approximately half of the world population. You can target as many people as you want.


Imagine you are running a local store. You got an idea to make it online. You work on it. Boom! You converted that local business into an online million-dollar brand. Just by targeting the audience you want. That’s is the importance of digital marketing.


Let’s move to the biggest social media platform Facebook. A platform which has 2.74 billion people😘. Facebook knows all people interests. You can give Facebook the title

“The King of Internet”.

Each online business has a base, and Facebook provides that base. Just A little amount to paid Facebook for marketing and your message will reach too many of your clients. Just like that scaling your business to a brand. Go for Instagram. A platform which has 800million+ active account every month. Instagram is specially made for brands. Just Like that there are many social media platform to scale your business.


If we discuss the time of covid. It ruins much local business. And by the time they all accept the importance of digital marketing. They all were following traditional marketing. But everything has a period and price. It was expensive and challenging to approach the large volume of the world. But now it’s simple as we cover the importance of digital marketing above.


The main reasons to learn digital marketing is you can support your family business. Well shocked! Imagine your father is running an auto spare parts shop. Your business is limited to a small audience. You take on that local business. Imagine you learned digital marketing and now you can take on the business. You build your online business profile. Promote your business organically. And then. You maintain a budget and run a marketing campaign according to plan. Boom! You got more customers than you had before digital marketing. You converted a local business into a million-dollar eCommerce store.

“Good marketing makes company look smart

Great marketing makes company feel smart”.


That’s the benefits of learning digital marketing. Not only a marketing agency or a company, but you can also even go for a digital marketing job. Hang On! A digital marketer approximately makes 40k dollar to 120K dollar per year.


After reading all of it now, you can realize the benefits of learning digital marketing. Solving the question of why study digital marketing. The choice is yours. To live a peaceful life. Or to stay broke and waste your precious time.


Taha Imranhttps://giftblogging.com
Founder at Gift Blogging | Digital Marketer | Blogger | Young Entrepreneur

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